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STD Screening Is An Important Part Of Sexual Health In Singapore

As a cosmopolitan and progressive city, there are plenty of reliable options available when it comes to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) / diseases (STDs) testing.

At our clinic, we provide professional STD screening and testing services to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment for our patients. We understand that privacy is essential, so all our services are confidential. We are committed to providing the best care for our patients and have the utmost respect for their privacy.

STD Screening

Regular STD screening is recommended for all who engage in sexual intercourse. Early detection can help stop the spread of STDs and reduce health risks associated with these infections. Types of STD tests include blood tests for HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhoea, as well as urine tests for other STDs.

STD Testing

STD Blood Tests

Blood tests are an essential part of STD screenings in Singapore. These blood tests can detect HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) invisible to the naked eye. Blood tests for STDs are a quick and accurate way to identify potential infections and provide vital information for those looking to take control of their sexual health.

At our clinic, we conduct blood tests following current international standards and protocols in a professional and confidential environment. Our blood testing services offer reliable results so you can have peace of mind about your sexual health.

If you are looking to get tested for STIs in Singapore, it is best to consult a doctor before going in for an STD test. Your doctor can recommend the most appropriate std testing service for your case, ensuring you get a reliable diagnosis and treatment plan. With accurate STD testing Singapore services, you can enjoy peace of mind about your sexual health.

STD Urine Tests

Urine tests for STD screening are a popular and convenient way to check for certain STIs. These tests detect the presence of antigens or antibodies, depending on the particular STD tested. Urine screening tests are typically non-invasive, convenient, and accurate.

STD screening packages usually include urine tests as part of a comprehensive screening process. Depending on the screening package, urine screening tests may detect HIV, syphilis, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, and other STIs. These screening packages typically include blood tests for some of the same STDs, physical exams and counselling services.

Overall, urine screening tests provide a convenient way to check for certain STIs and are usually included in screening packages. These screening tests are typically accurate and non-invasive, making them valuable tools.

While screening packages can provide valuable insight into a person’s sexual health, it is essential to remember that not all STDs are detectable through urine screening tests. Some screening packages may include blood tests that detect additional types of STDs. Additionally, screening tests do not protect against infection; practising safe sex is the best way to reduce the risk of contracting an STD.

STD Swab Test

Swab tests are another important type of testing available at our clinic. Swab tests for STDs involve collecting samples from the mouth, urethra or vagina using a sterile swab. These tests detect the presence of antigens or antibodies, depending on the particular STD tested.

Swab tests are typically used to diagnose infections such as gonorrhoea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis. For females in particular, a vaginal swab test may be required to identify certain STDs like chlamydia or gonorrhoea, as urine tests may not be reliable.

Preparing for STD Screening

When coming to the clinic for screening tests, please remember the following:

1. For urine tests, hold your urine for at least 1 hour before arriving at the clinic.

2. Females should come before or after menses start/stop. Males should avoid wiping away any penile discharge that may provide a sample for testing.

3. For screening packages, fast for at least 8 hours the night before to ensure accurate results.

4. Most test results take 3 – 5 working days while certain send-out tests can take up to 2 weeks.

5. STD screening packages are available and urine STD testing can be done as a part of the screening.

We are here to provide quality care and accurate test results; please follow these guidelines to ensure the best possible outcome. Thank you for choosing us as your healthcare provider!

Chlamydia Infection Symptoms

Our Clinic For STD Screening

At our STD/HIV clinic, we provide screening tests to diagnose and detect the presence of any STDs/STIs. We offer urine and blood STD tests in our screening packages that are customisable to your risk profile. These screening packages are comprehensive, including tests for HIV and a full range of STDs.

We also offer vaccinations to help prevent the spread of STDs and infections, such as the hepatitis virus and Human Papillomavirus (HPV). Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) are also available for those at risk of contracting an STD or HIV.

Our clinic provides a safe and confidential environment for screening tests and treatments. Our medical professionals are available to answer any questions you may have about STDs and HIV testing. If you suspect you may have an STD or are experiencing STD symptoms, contact us today to schedule a screening test. We look forward to helping you remain healthy and safe.

It is essential to get tested for STDs regularly, as some infections are asymptomatic. Talk to a healthcare provider at our STD clinic in Singapore today to learn more about screening services and prevention options. Let us help ensure your overall health and well-being.

Disclaimer: We have attempted to provide full, accurate and up to date information in this blog, based on current medical evidence and opinion. However, information and advice may vary from different sources, and over time. If you have any further questions, see your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis of your concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I go for STD screening?

You should consider screening if you have symptoms of a possible STD, if you have had a recent risky exposure (unprotected sex with a casual partner), or both.

Can I get STDs from oral sex?

Yes, you can. The common misconception is that oral sex is not considered ‘real’ sex and therfore has no risk but the opposite is true. Often oral sex is performed without protection and this is why infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea can pass on through oral sex.

Can STDs be cured?

Thankfully the majority can be cured but there are some such as Herpes and HIV that can be treated but not cured. This is why prevention is better than cure and ensuring safe sex goes a long way to reduce your risks.

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