Understanding STD Screening Packages Available in Singapore

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational and educational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor for any medical advice or concerns.

Sexual contact is the primary way that infections known as STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are communicated. Anybody who engages in sexual activity, regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, may be impacted. In Singapore, several healthcare institutions offer comprehensive STD screening packages tailored to address various requirements and concerns, acknowledging the need for early identification and treatment. The many STD screening packages that are offered in Singapore will be examined in this blog post, along with the tests that are included and the steps involved in STD testing and screening.

Initial and Routine Screening

In Singapore, STD screening is accessible in various forms, with Basic and Standard packages being the most commonly opted for by individuals seeking initial screening. These packages are designed to detect the most common STDs using a set of standard tests.

Typical tests included in the Basic STD Screening Package are:

Typically, the following tests are added to the Basic package to make it the Standard STD Screening Package:

For people who have never had an STD test or who just want to be sure they’re healthy without worrying about any symptoms, these bundles are a great option.

STD Screening Package

A more thorough evaluation is offered with the Enhanced STD Screening Package. Anyone exhibiting symptoms indicative of a sexually transmitted disease infection or who may have been exposed to elevated risks would benefit greatly from this bundle. In most cases, the Enhanced package will contain all of the tests offered by the Standard package in addition to extra screenings for less prevalent infections such as:

A medical expert’s consultation and physical examination could be part of this package as well, allowing for a more thorough evaluation and, if required, guidance toward the most suitable treatment.

HIV/AIDS Screening and Testing (Personal Tests)

HIV/AIDS Screening and Testing

If you are worried about a certain virus or would rather not get screened for all of them at once, you can get an individual STD test. Any individual’s health concerns or symptoms can be addressed with these tests. Regular personal evaluations consist of the following:

The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a known carcinogen that can cause genital malignancies in both sexes, including cervical cancer in women.

Timely diagnosis and treatment are greatly impacted by early detection of infections, such as HIV, which is why individual tests are essential.

The Best Singaporean STD Screening Programs

Numerous clinics and hospitals in Singapore provide sexually transmitted disease screenings, demonstrating the country’s strong healthcare infrastructure. The most recent equipment for precise and efficient testing is available at these institutions, which also guarantees confidentiality. In addition, several of these centres offer counselling services to educate patients about sexual health risks, the value of screening, and preventative measures.

Many Different STI/STD Testing Options

Depending on the infection that is being tested for, many types of STD tests are available. In a nutshell, there are a few different types of STD tests:

  • To diagnose hepatitis B, syphilis, HIV, and hepatitis C, blood tests are performed.
  • The most typical method for diagnosing gonorrhoea and chlamydia is urine testing for men or swab testing for women.
  • For testing for infections such as herpes simplex virus (HSV), trichomoniasis, and HPV, swabs can be taken from the genitalia, throat, or rectum.

Thanks to medical technological advancements, fast testing can now produce results in as little as 20 minutes, giving patients peace of mind and enabling quicker diagnoses but gold standard tests are often laboratory based.

Steps to Take Before Testing for STDs

Screening for and testing for sexually transmitted diseases is simple. Usually, what’s involved are:

  • Consultation: A meeting with a doctor or nurse to go over your sexual health status, symptoms, and worries.
  •  Testing: We will recommend and carry out tests based on the consultation.
  •  Results: It often takes a few days for the results to be accessible, though this does depend on the tests that are done.
  • Follow-up: Additional consultations will be scheduled to go over treatment options if a test returns a positive result. If the results come back negative, the patient may still receive guidance on how to stay healthy and when to get screened again.

For sexual health maintenance and early infection identification and treatment, it is critical to understand and select the appropriate STD screening package.

STD Screening Singapore provides a variety of screening solutions to address the unique concerns and demands of those residing in or visiting Singapore. With the correct knowledge and support, you can keep your sexual health in check, which is an important part of being healthy overall.

Disclaimer: We have attempted to provide full, accurate and up to date information in this blog, based on current medical evidence and opinion. However, information and advice may vary from different sources, and over time. If you have any further questions, see your doctor for a more accurate diagnosis of your concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When should I go for STD screening?

You should consider screening if you have symptoms of a possible STD, if you have had a recent risky exposure (unprotected sex with a casual partner), or both.

Can I get STDs from oral sex?

Yes, you can. The common misconception is that oral sex is not considered ‘real’ sex and therfore has no risk but the opposite is true. Often oral sex is performed without protection and this is why infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhoea can pass on through oral sex.

Can STDs be cured?

Thankfully the majority can be cured but there are some such as Herpes and HIV that can be treated but not cured. This is why prevention is better than cure and ensuring safe sex goes a long way to reduce your risks.

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